Sai Dharam Tej gets a lot of warnings from mega fans after this decision

Hero Sai Dharam Tej is known for remixing songs of Mega Star Chiranjeevi in his movies and getting some positive USP for the film of his. Dharam Tej has already remixed 3 songs of Chiranjeevi during his career.

Now the eyes of Tej are totally on Kondaveeti Donga film from Chiranjeevi’s song Chammaku Chamaku Cham starring Chiru and Vijaya Santhi in this movie. The new stated that Vinayak took this song to remix with Sai Dharam Tej in completely different style.

Let’s see how it will go but meanwhile Mega fans are not so happy with it and they are breathing fire on Sai Dharam Tej not to do it. They are sending unlimited messages and tweets to Sai in twitter asking him to stop down and put his idea of this.

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