#RRR raises BIG Question .. Why NTR Become RAMARAO, Shocking answer is here

The interesting title logo release of the biggest Multi Starrer of the current generation #RRR got released a few hours back and it is still stunning the movie lovers. Right, a Hero form Mega family Mega Power Star ram charan wherein Nandamuri Hero NTR on the other side.

Here come some great insights for this LOGO… They tried showcasing their best on RRR which meant Rajamouli Ramarao-NTR and Ram Charan for the 3rd R. There gone a lot of questions why NTR suddenly put the thing as Ramarao out of his name where everyone is referring the same to him on twitter as well.

Though his name is Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao.. everybody is referring him as Jr. NTR. He is also referred as Tarak and he got a tagline of Nandamuri hero. But suddenly this RAMARAO tag is shocking NTR fans for sure. Looks like He is planning to avoid ‘Junior’ word for a long time but it didn’t work out. NTR clearly knows the power of the word Ramarao.

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