RGV influenced Sri Reddy against Pawan Kalyan, She denied a 5Crore deal

Looks like Sri Reddy issue day by day taking many many twists and turns like a suspense thriller film. After her strip protest she became a national wide sensation and national media too highlighted the issue.

It looked like there is no stopping Sri Reddy and her fight has been appreciated by many people but she and her protest weakened to ground level once she unnecessarily dragged Pawan Kalyan by using abusive language. People who got shocked to see her statement was pretty sure that someone definitely influenced her.

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Leaving shocker to everyone, POW Sandhya revealed RGV was the one who was forced Sri Reddy to attack Pawan Kalyan and she also told that it was Sri Reddy who showed the personal message from RGV to her Finally RGV agreed to this and posted a self-video explaining the reason which meant “I tried to close Sri Reddy – Abhiram issue by offering 5crore to her without involving Suresh babu in this matter because he will definitely not accept this.

I am very close to Suresh Babu Family and hence tried to put a full stop so that both sides will be in safe zone but to my shocker Sri Reddy denied and I was attracted to her for this denial. So I wanted her to grab attention of the state so that her issue will get solved and I thought if this has to happen you should point out Pawan Kalyan so that entire state will look at you and many Tollywood biggies will come out and will try to resolve the issue”.

Finally RGV concluded that may be the path that we have chosen is wrong but the intention is to resolve this issue and apologized Pawan Kalyan and Pawan kalyan Fans.

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