Renu Desai talks about Akira’s meeting with Pawan Kalyan

Former actress Renu Desai, Ex-wife of Pawan Kalyan has always been there to take the stand against the social media rumors. Whenever there is a gossip or rumor about her family, the actress clarifies in time with the help of Twitter and Facebook.

Recently there were rumors saying that Akira Nandan, son of Pawan and Renu Desai had shifted to Hyderabad to stay with his dad. It was also heard that he took the decision seeking Pawan’s support to enter the Telugu Film Industry. A video of Pawan, Anna Lezhneva and Akira spotted in Vijayawada has been doing round on the social media for a while.

Condemning the rumors, Renu Desai posted on Twitter saying that his son had his summer holidays and went to visit his father. She added that Akira did not shift to Hyderabad and the tweet is just to answer all the questions she received in her twitter and Facebook inbox.

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