Ravi Teja is trying to clash with Balakrishna at any cost?

Sankranti Season of 2018 has got Pawan Kalyan and Balakrishna NANDAMURI to work at the box offices. The film JAI SIMHA of Balayya and Agnathavasi of Power Star are going to hit theaters soon.

This shows a bigger competition between Balayya and Pawan will be purely put on. But meanwhile the Mass Maha Raj is trying his best to rock his film Touch Chesi Chudu at the release date of Balayya’s JAI SIMHA for sure.

Ravi Teja’s previous film Raja the Great stood as a big hit for Ravi Teja and he is on full Josh to target Balakrishna this time at full speed. Balayya’s earlier film Paisa Vasool went on a poor result and was a bigger disaster for Puri and Balayya as well.

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