Raviteja not lifting calls to Touch Chesi Chudu director?

The film Raja the great gave some sensational vibes to the hero Raviteja wherein the collections too went positive for that film. After Kick 2 Raja the great is a positive film for hero Raviteja with a great comeback as well. But Raviteja with his new movie Touch Chesi Chudu is under lot issues to deal with Ravi is unable to get a proper mass film with this where right from the morning shows the film grabbed disaster talk.

The strong sources of our website stated that Raviteja is going to give another chance to the same director Vikram Sirikonda after this debacle. There is another news in film Nagar that Raviteja is not happy all about how the Vikram Sirikonda being a writer pulled in Vakkantham Vamsi for Story and Deepak Raj for Screenplay.

Lot cooks made this movie a bulge waste cook. But still, Ravi got an interesting script from director Sirikonda and let’s see how he will deal with it. Sources also said Ravi from few days is not even lifting the calls of Sirikonda so this script might be shelved as well.

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