Ramcharan sensation statement against Sri Reddy protest

Mega Power star RamCharan might have responded late regarding Sri Reddy protest on casting couch but gave full clarity about his opinion on this issue.

From the start of the day we have seen Mega brother Nagababu matured speech and clarified few things and assured that he and his family will be supporting if the way they choose is right and Madhavi Latha silent protest supporting Pawan Kalyan earned appreciations from mega fans and common audience.

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Ram Charan in his Facebook post stated that “Tollywood film industry is a like a family and everyone need to support each other and work, Female artists will be treated with huge respect here. If there is any issue then everyone need to fight against it legally and sensibly and instead dragging few names unnecessarily and creating hype and trying to become popular in wring way is a cheap way practice”.

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