“Ramcharan is My brother, Chiranjeevi garu is like my father and Vadina is mother” Says POWER STAR at Rangasthalam Success meet

After Pawan Kalyan left PRP and established his own Jansena political party leaving his brother who merged his party in Congress many felt that the distance between Mega brothers is increased and Pawan is not at all happy with his elder brother, Though many times these mega heroes tried to convince that “We may be separately working politically but always one like before” but even mega fans and power fans are not fully satisfied and they have their own doubts Ram Charan’ s recent blockbuster Rangasthalam team arranged their Success meet yesterday i.e. on 13 April and the special guest for this is none other than Ram Charan Babai Pawan Kalyan.
Generally, Pawan gives only brief speeches in film functions for few minutes but to everyone surprise, he spoke and appreciated the film and the cast to about 25Mins Main Highlights in Pawan Kalyan Speech. Sukumar is a great director and writer who makes realistic films and Know well about contemporary youth. Charan who raised in city lifestyle but still is very down to earth person who had a passion to act from 6 years old.
More than Babai to him I’m like an elder brother to Charan and purely an artistic material who can act 100%. The way people backed Baahubali two years back should back RANGASTHALAM and make the film to get nominated for Oscars Finally Pawan couldn’t stop hugging him and kissing his elder brother son and Ramcharan eyes almost filled with tears when Pawan told Ramcharan is like My brother, Chiranjeevi garu is like my father and Vadina is equal to my mother. Might be many can now open their eyes a bit that Pawan just separated with his brother Chiru politically but the respect he had towards his elder brother will never ever decrease.


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