Ram Gopal Varma to take a film with Kathi Mahesh as a hero, Nightmare for Pawan Kalyan fans

Here is some shocking news for Pawan Kalyan fans Ram Gopal Varma and Kathi Mahesh are always a nightmare for Pawan fans where they are keeping out logics to their hero and giving tons of shocking things.

Kathi Mahesh is currently on track with various allegations on Pawan Kalyan where the film Nagar sources said he met Ram Gopal Varma in person recently. “Rgv and Kathi Mahesh have similar mindsets. Birds of the same feather flock together.

As such, it would be appropriate if they team up for a full-fledged movie,” says a source nearer to RGV where RGV is the one who always wants to mint big-time controversy for his film. RGV is currently doing Nagarjuna’s film another Porn video with Pornstar. Looks like if Lakshmi’s NTR is shelved it will be Mahesh Kathi’s film with RGV for his next for sure.

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