Ram Gopal Varma may face 7 years of Jail for GST, DCP sensational declaration!

The God Sex and Truth (GST) issue has not at all considered as big time problem in Telugu cinema. The current scenario is pulling in Ram Gopal Varma and his future into the police houses now. Ramu went to attend the Cyber crime office today and he answered lot of questions over there about movie and Social activist Devi case.

Cyber Crime DCP Raghuveer took all the details regarding this GST and they considered that Concept of this GST and direction and total thing is of him but Ramu in TV Debates said concept is only of his. So DCP and other police are setting out deep investigation in this GST issue. This is not a Petty case, Ram Gopal Varma may face 7 years of Jail if he is proven Guilty – stated Cyber crime DCP few minutes back talking to media.

They are also considering the Satyameva jayathe word that was used as Sathya Mia Jayathe and will taking these words are also as consideration. His laptop as in hands of Police and they have photos of his and Mia Malkova in his laptop. Even if Indian citizens do any illegal thing in abroad they are pretty much reasonable to face the jail term in India as per the rules.

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