‘Ram Gopal Varma in Mental hospital’ new movie to come as Revenge on KADAPA?

It’s not at all new for Director Ram Gopal Varma to create a daily new controversy and post his feelings on them and get wonderful warnings and police cases too. He has been facing lot of such things from many months and years and he is already addicted to controversies.

His new web series KADAPA is getting big time applause for the groundwork and at the same time Rayalaseema people are giving him serious warnings for the way he is telecasting their land and showing it as a best place for Faction murders.

The web series trailer took the irk to People of Rayalaseema and they are now warning Ram Gopal Varma to a greater extent. “If you degrade our KADAPA and make such things we are going to take a film ‘Varma into Mental Hospital’ ” Is what they are warning him now.

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