Ram Gopal Varma filing the CRIMINAL case on Rajinikanth and TV9

Here comes some big-time issue between TV9 channel and Ram Gopal Varma. Varma declared out that he is going to put the Criminal case against TV channel because of their over action and defamation against him. Ramu was taken by police a few days back considering the special investigation regarding God sex truth film of his.

He also fired on Rajinikanth the TV9 news reader stating that they are ruining the media these days and putting in derogatory remarks on him “TV9 channel under Rajnikanth is distorting facts and presenting false news ..spreading malicious and derogatory perceptions..it’s claims of news leaks from an ongoing investigation is a crime ..Tv 9 will be soon dealt with as per the laws of the land ” said Ramu.

“Am in the process of filing multiple cases including criminal charges on Tv 9 channel ..My lawyers are presently gathering all the relevant materials” said Ram Gopal Varma on his twitter page.

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