Ram Gopal Varma compares Pawan Kalyan with Sunny Leone

Yet again Ram Gopal Varma posted his serious and sensational views on Pawan Kalyan. This time he compared Kalyan with none other than Sunny Leone and he started Kalyan to ask to be in collision with Sunny Leone and be a great crowd puller.

This happened a few months back but in the other day’s interview in TV9 the debater Rajinikanth asked Ramu about this tweet and he said Sunny Leone and Kalyan are equal crowd pullers wherein the Kocchi lakhs of people can show a clear understanding of the statement he has given.

Ram Gopal Varma answered for the same “I think Sunny is more a National celebrity and Kalyan is a local one but the crowd pulling capacity for both of them is so huge and wonderful. One should understand that tweet in lighter terms” said Ram Gopal Varma.

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