Ram Charan’s BIG WORRY about Rangasthalam, He is not at all happy!

The movie Rangasthalam has got some lot excitement in Ram Charan and Mega fans of his. The movie has been going to places after the trailer that impressed the audience. The overseas audience has kind of big target to Sukumar and they won’t miss the chance of watching the movie at all if its Sukumar.

Movies like Arjun Reddy and Anando Brahma got a lot of best moments to mint money in the US market while Sukumar team is worried about the US Market now for Rangasthalam. Though the release date has been confirmed long time ago, the right kind of theatres hasn’t been booked so far.

The possibility of US audience connected with the film will be very less because of the poor strategy and plan by the distributors. The first-day bookings of the film have not been completed in the US. The poor work of Distributors is hanging in the chances of Ram Charan to get a good number on day one at Overseas.

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