Ram Charan and NTR movie inspired Rajamouli from a Real family!

Ram Charan, NTR and Rajamouli’s project is not under the reasonable official idea but the speculation on this movie is going so hard and great already. The film is putting out an end to the Mega vs Nandamuri fan war if this happens.

We have already reported that Rajamouli and team will start this movie from October month here comes some more exciting news for this film. The sources stated that Baahubali director Rajamouli got inspired a story from Real Family and he is adapting that story into this movie. Rajamouli’s known family with 2 big brothers with 2 similar cousin sons have lot story to tell and Mouli is getting the same story from them.

The sources said Vijayendra Prasad is also so close to that particular family and he is dealing his best to bring good story out of them.

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