Rajinikanth and Kamal Hasssan to be on same stage at MALAYSIA for 2.0 teaser launch

The grand teaser launch of the film 2.0 is all set for the release soon in Malaysia. Here comes an interesting update on this film where the sources said Kamal Hassan is going to be joining with Rajinikanth on the stage of teaser release in Malaysia tomorrow.

The Superstar will board a flight to Malaysia tonight wherein Hassan is currently in America wherein he is expected to reach there tomorrow. The industry sources said that Rajinikanth personally called Kamal and invited him to be part of this bigger teaser release and he said ok initially.

Mr. Hassan is busy with Star Cricket thing which will be started from Tomorrow. Curtain raiser things are to be followed so Kamal might or might not attend the Malaysian event as well. On another side, Rajinikanth’s about to announce details of his party soon.

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