Raj Tharun to compete with Pawan kalyan and Balayya for Sankranthi

Starring Raj Tarun in the lead role the movie titled Rangula Ratnam is going to be a bigger phase soon.The movie is all set for Sankranthi race and the makers have declared the release date of this film as January 14th.

Currently the films like Agnyaathavaasi, Jai Simha and Gang were there for the release while the makers grabbed in this new film too for the competition. Don’t know what will be the issue with release into theatres as it is a big deal for him to pick up and pick out at that peak time.

It will be a bigger risk for Raj Tharun to try himself including in this tough times. Chitra Shukla is the heroine for this movie while Sri Ranjani directed this venture.

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