Raai Laxmi kills it in a Black Bikini

Actress Raai Laxmi who lost lot of weight for her role in Julie 2 recently shared a photograph of herself in a black bikini on Instagram. Within few hours the picture went viral in social media and got vibrating response and got thousands of likes and now that likes crossed more than 1.4Lakh.

She also captioned the picture as “The body achieves what the mind believes. Do u believe? Time to get back in track and aim for better results”. This caption tells how much hard work she did to get that perfect figure.

In an interview to Deccan Chronicle she revealed that “I had lot of interest in wearing bikini but my body figure before is not suitable though I wore semi bikini in south films. But in my previous film Julie 2 the script demanded such a shot and I was convinced and I prepared myself and gained confidence after all the hard work and I personally believe that there is no wrong in wearing a bikini as long as you have a great body that suits”.