Prudhvi the comedian talks about Pawan Kalyan


Comedian Prudhvi who is so famous with the Tag of his ’30years Industry’ is also known for his own kind of special and wonderful interviews and open up talks too, This time its about Pawan Kalyan.

The actor has given a recent interview and said “Pawan Kalyan is such a genius where we are supposed to talk about this person in public events for sure. I will call those who are unable to talk about him as waste people. I don’t need any favors from him as i have my own films already. People should understand that there is a Genuine Love in everyone of us who wants to talk about him all the time.

I saw him sitting with a Earth pot and steel glass beside him which shows how down to earth he is all the time. I have never seen such a simple man and he always calls me a witty man. We talk a lot about Newton and Einstein books” said Prudhvi.

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