Producer’s force us to SLEEP for offers, Pawan is not SO GREAT-Actress sensational interview

The new actress Sri Reddy spoke all about the illness in the industry and she said she was asked to SLEEP with producers and directors as well. She revealed that a lot of producers will ask them to have ‘Commitment’ towards the film which means they are openly asking for a sexual favor in all ways.

The actress stated a lot of true stories that she has been facing. Sri Reddy gave an interview to a TV channel and she got offered on various roles in movies.

Sri Reddy also targeted right from Chiranjeevi to Nani and also Pawan Kalyan in her interview “Pawan Kalyan is not that much sincere he always speaks boring things and which won’t work ” She stated in her interview. She also said Sekhar Kammula is a fraud and won’t speak truth much.


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