Prakash Raj BIG Reason behind the Problems for Rangasthalam? What did he do?

Actor Prakash Raj is known for Lot of controversies in Film industry or on the political lines. Now the bigger question here is that Prakash Raj is making things so large as of now too. The rumors spreading on him are so shocking as they say Senior actor is the one who is having hidden hand behind the delay of all the films of his.

Ram Charan’s Rangasthalam movie is supposed to be released long back but it went into theatres 2 days back. Inside talk is Prakash who played a key role in the film troubled the makers so much so that, it delayed the film release. According to sources, the filmmakers banking on Prakash Raj’s call that he would come to the shooting.

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Aadi Pinisetty from Chennai and other actors too will be finding at the sets but Prakash Raj was not available in any which way. So the director Sukuamr trimmed some scenes of his too. Now the film makers of Goodachari starring Adivi Sesh also facing the similar kind of problems here.

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