Poor pre release buzz for Dil Raju’s MCA can give him 6th super hit this year?

The producer Dil Raju is a man with midas touch in Telugu cinema. The new film of his and Nani’s MCA is getting ready and with this movie he want to get double hat trick all the way. He has back to back 5 releases this year where in except Jawaan everything else went so well for Dil Raju. While DJ and Raja The Great went with losses for few buyers Raju is ok with this.

Even weak films like DJ and Raja The Great sailed through as they had no competition. MCA is a bigger competition to Hello film now, Right from promotions ground to promos everything is going so wonderful. Hello is surely dominating the show till now. Even the trailer of MCA is totally lame when compared to that of Hello.

Lets see how promos of Dil Raju should save the movie.

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