Poonam Kaur’s new tweet on Pawan Kalyan creates confusion!

After the issues between hero Pawan Kalyan and Critic Kathi Mahesh have gone so silent and peaceful now once against Poonam Kaur made some interesting tweets on Pawan kalyan and this is new to internet this morning.

” Sanctity of THOUGHT is POWER…rather DIVINE POWER” #pklove …. any more to come ????” she wrote on her twitter page. Poonam Kaur after her “Please respond and help me Pawan Kalyan ” tweet did not see herself on Social media. She also warned Kathi Mahesh few weeks back to apology her or posting false allegations on her.

But after the peace saga has gone between the bigger people Poonam was sent into some silent talks and she is now not doing any damage yet again.