Poonam Kaur vs Mahesh Kathi, Pawan helped Poonam – Mahesh says

The issue between Kathi Mahesh and Pawan Kalyan fans has taken a new turn. Poonam Kaur the other day posted some derogatory comments on Kathi Mahesh and the critic responded so serious on her.

Poona said “Beggarsrbetter than people who making money outta criticising others, okeyy suthi, change the man or the topic,I am bored 2c the same fatso!One fatso got stuck in a pothole,it’s like I want the chief minister to pick n save me as he gave permission to lay it. don’t tell me commenting on being fat is personal, M worried abt millions watchinn getting inspired,concerned about Janam physical n mental health! Manaku vethirekanga Matladina vallani kuda manam indirect ga food pettunamu, chala pedda manchi karma idi may god bless him for better work ” She posted on twitter.

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” You are begging and earning your life Poonam, You got the brand ambassador of Handloom of AP because of Pawan Kalyan’s begging don’t forget if i open mouth both of your lives will go into jeopardy ” said Kathi Mahesh in reply to her.

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