Polland Kid Zbigs impresses Pawan Kalyan with Kodaka Koteswarrao song from Agyaathavaasi

“Hey POWER STAR… What an ELECTRIFYING song you sang. KODAKAA KOTESHWAR RAO is at it’s best. My gift to you in 2018 is my rendition. If this tweet reaches you, please let me know your impressions. This is ZBIGS from Poland.” Gave a video Bujji aka Zbigs from Polland singing Kodaka Koteswar Rao for Pawan Kalyan.

He picked the song from Lastest movie Agnyaathavaasi and his video went so viral already. This took the fame of Pawan Kalyan too and he responded to the same. “Dear zbigs bujji, My dear little friend Thankyou for your New Year gift. Your message has reached me. May God bless you! – Pawan Kalyan” Kalyan responded to this video.

Zig bigs not only singing Pawan Kalyan songs too but he is also singing a lot of other Telugu songs and gaining the attention of Telugu people. The Russian cute kid from Poland sings Pathalabhairavi to Mayabazar songs and says he has special respect and love for Telugu land.

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