Plagiarism issues for Nagarjuna-RGV’s OFFICER movie

After almost 2 decades of their togetherness, Ram Gopal Varma and Nagarjuna are working on hard to bring the film OFFICER just like they did for Shiva movie. Ram Gopal Varma’s action thriller Officer with King Nagarjuna is generating tremendous interest among movie lovers.

After the controversy like GST-God sex and truth has gone RGV once again had the hype for his new movie.But now the bigger problem for this movie is that Nagarjuna and Ramu are facing Plagiarism issues for this film soon.

P. Jayakumar who is waging plagiarism battle against RGV over his adult film GST (God Sex and Truth), also states that Ram Gopal Varma took the chances of his and took the story of OFFICER on to his side and is ignoring the facts. He is also ready to talk about the same to Nagarjuna as well.

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