Pic talk: Sridevi’s Ashes Immersed in Rameshwaram

It has been almost 10 days after the demise of Sridevi the legendary actress and still, the people of this country are unable to digest and believe she is no more.

She was accidentally drowned in the Bathtub in Dubai on 24th Night after attending to the marriage party at a Midnight. The way media took the death greed of Sridevi is too harsh and they even got criticism for the same. The actress is having Janhvi and Khushi both daughters.

Boney Kapoor is his husband. The actress Sridevi’s ashes were seen mixed in the sea at Rameswaram. Kapoor family brought the ashes of 54-year-old Actress to Chennai in a special aircraft. The ashes were immersed in the Sea. The way Boney Kapoor was seen so sad at the Rameshwaram is so shocking.

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