Payback our 10 crore, Mythri movie makers Forcing Pawan Kalyan??

Pawan Kalyan is bidding out a decent goodbye to the films in recent times because of his political ideas and moments to go for. The significant moves from him after the Agnyathavaasi disaster showcased that Pawan has bigger political plans and he is not going to involve films into the same.

But here come some interesting point how will Pawan react to those producers from whom Pawan took advance remunerations are reportedly building the pressure steadily. Banners who has the top reputation like Mythri movie makers and Surya movies have given more than 10 crore advances to Pawan Kalyan wherein he also thought he can do the films and spent the same into political findings.

After he decided to put on his way for political screen now he needs to repay them. Here comes the problem as he did not have that money with him now as he spent them all the way for Janasena party. Sources said Mythri movie makers are pressuring Pawan Kalyan to repay the amount.

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