Pawan silence is not his weakness: Nagababu matured speech in press meet

Mega brother Nagababu spoke with press a few minutes back and spoke about the ongoing issue and raised his voice to explain the present situation and unnecessary attack on Pawan Kalyan and his mother In Nagababu words “ Female artists who are facing such issues should immediately react and kick then and there if anyone try to influence them for characters and gave assurance that proper care will be taken for the dignity of character artists and requested them to be bold and report if some harasses them”.

Coming to the abusive words on his brother Pawan Kalyan “Mega family became a soft center for everyone to throw stones unnecessarily and how can someone control the trolls that are being done by fans who are in lakhs, Pawan Kalyan is currently the number one star in industry who can have a luxury life and earn crores if he continues in film but left everything to serve the people.

He even doesn’t listen to our words sometimes if we ask is it required going to politics, he is daring enough to tell public if in case he does a mistake. Even now there is no reaction from him because he is on a bigger mission to serve people. He will answer to everyone who is trying to weaken him strongly at the right time”. Nagababu emotional speech was appreciated by one and all and need to see whether this issue will be closed in the upcoming days.

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