Pawan Kalyan’s new Agnathavasi pose being trolled on Social Media

The pic from Haarika Haasinie on Pawan Kalyan’s new pose from Agnathavasi is irking Pawan Kalyan fans looks like it gave some stunning stuff to Kalyan maniac anti-fans and they are trolling it like very often.

Pawan Kalyan’s attitude was seen in a funny way of girly reaction catching the dustbin in his hands. Looks like this pose is from Kodaka Koteswar Rao song wherein director Trivikram Srinivas show caused all styles in Kalyan.

But the new look revealed was giving tons of stuff for Pawan Kalyan’s anti-fans and troll pages are taking this as the big-time advantage. This post from this movie is trolled a lot on social media currently. Lets how people will respond on this scene after movie release.

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