Pawan Kalyan’s Agnathavasi story line leaked by Trivikram?

Trivikram Srinivas don’t just win hearts with the kind of words in his movies but don’t also just pose out the words from heart at audio launches too.

When it comes to Pawan Kalyan movie’s audio launch Trivikram Srinivas is known for the best words out of his mouth. The other day’s Audio launch of Agnathavasi went so well where Trivikram looks like leaked the film’s out line.

Trivi gave about 20 minutes speech on “Endaro Mahanubhavulu Andairki Vadnanalu” this line was explained considering all the crew and cast in this movie. Director tried to show case that Hero in the movie will be giving importance to all the people in his family right from past generations and story will be something like that. Fans are taking Trivikram words serious and writing their own story lines.

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