Pawan Kalyan’s actress Meera Jasmine Shocking look, What happened to her?

One of the finest actresses Meera Jasmine is known for various films. She worked with Top heroes of Telugu cinema like Pawan Kalyan Balakrishna almost a decade and a half back.

Now the actress is out of fame and never seen at any point. The actress was seen at a jewelry shop opening and the pics few people took on her were going so viral. Meera Jasmine is so simple in her attire and so charming till date. But a plumpy body and she overweight is looking awkward anyway.

Meera is seen posing with the decent smile, She got married years back and was out of Cinemas in any which way. She though looks cute with her smile everyone is shocked to see this Gudumba Shankar actress going this much fat in no time.

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