Pawan Kalyan vs ALI big quarrel? Truth revealed before Agnathavasi trailer

Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Comedian Ali are big time close friends together. The relation between both of them is so bonding that Ali will surely be seen in almost all films of Power Star with a crucial role beside Kalyan.

But now the comedian was not seen at Agnathavasi audio launch or atleast in the teaser of Agnathavasi. So the social media rumor spread out that Ali and Kalyan are under bigger war with each other. But the Haarika Haasinie source revealed that Ali is not in war or quarrel with kalyan but was busy at a shooting abroad for other movie.

So he did not manage to come to the audio launch. “Ali is in the movie. Why would Ali be not there, Trivikram actually wanted him more than Pawan kalyan does. We can seen Ali in trailer” said a source from H&H.

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