Pawan Kalyan should be as brave as Rajinikanth-Ram Gopal Varma says

Ram Gopal Varma who made his recent entry into twitter made some contradictory comments on Pawan Kalyan and his political style of his. Ram Gopal Varma is posing out the best out of his twitter style yet again and his owns tyle of Vodka tweets are back. He stated that Pawan needs to carry guts to contest every seat in Andhra Pradesh.

“If Pawan Kalyan doesn’t with guts contest in each and every seat of AP, both his fans and all Telugu people will feel he’s just a very ordinary star and not a SUPERSTAR like Rajni of the Tamil people” Ramu posted.

“I wish Pawan Kalyan will contest all seats in AP like superstar Rajini doing in TN ..if he doesn’t do, PK’s fans will feel he doesn’t have guts like Rajinikanth will be an insult to Telugu people’s prestige if our Superstar has lesser guts than the Superstar of Tamil people” he added. He compared both of them and said he will do it often.

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