Pawan Kalyan gave warning to his fans at Ongole? Agnathavasi T-Shirts controversy!

Pawan Kalyan the Janasena President thought was into politics from 2014 he never took his any of the movie names or promotions through his campaigns or at least with a single tweet.

Pawan kalyan is currently into politics and cinemas together but he never brings each other in same place. This morning at Ongole Pawan was talking to the Janasena people in a meet where few fans were seen wearing white T-shirts that have the logo of Agnathavasi printed on it. Pawan is said to be angry at these fans.

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“Pawan don’t want to bring any kind of movie topics at the Jana Sena, Political meets of his but these people without knowing it printed special T-shirts about the movie Logo and they wore it at the Party meeting. Pawan hates to see such things and he warned them” Said a close source.

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