Pawan Kalyan finally Replies to Kathi Mahesh!

” Vyakthitwawm lo ninnu odinchadam chethakaani vaallu nee kulam dhanam varnam gurinchi matladataaru , (Dont know who said it but a respectable & senior journalist has greeted me today morning with the above quote.Felt like sharing.Good day!”

” The rise of caste division, caste polarisation & the power politics played around is truly alarming.It will not only hit the economic progress but also it will do irreversible damage to our society and to the collective psyche of our society.”

Wrote Pawan Kalyan Konidela the Power star and Jana Sena leader on his Twitter wall directly posting out lashing comments indirectly yo Kathi Mahesh stating how a person can be truly targeted without capturing the character of one self. Atlast it looks like Pawan wanted to give some harsh reply to Kalyan.