Pawan Kalyan fans stampede for Agnathavasi audio function passes

The Audio launch of Agnathavasi movie is going to be held this afternoon in Hyderabad at HICC. The production house of Haarika Haasinie was under bigger pressure to get passes from Distributors and their friends now.

Lot of passes were with few people involved in the film and very less number of passes were given to the Pawan Kalyan fans. There has gone a stampede at the production house of Haarika Haasinie as there went lot of fans asking for passes.

The production manager and others were getting bigger shouts from outside for the passes. No one answered Kalyan fans and they went back in sadness. Looks like the bad organization is what irking fans of Pawan Kalyan all the time. The audio launch will be live in TV5 this evening.

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