Pawan Kalyan brother Siva Balaji files a case against Sri Reddy

Looks like actress Sri Reddy has to face many more Huddle’s for her Vulgar comments on Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan. Though Sri Reddy apologized Pawan and her mother multiple times Pawan Kalyan followers still couldn’t digest and forget the words uttered by the actress.

As we all know that Pawan Kalyan had huge following and many take him as a role model are extending their support through all the platforms available and looks like it won’t stop In near Future.

Tollywood actor Siva Balaji who worked with Pawan Kalyan in 2 films always show his fanism towards Janasena chief and looks like he was deeply hurt with Sri Reddy abusive acts and today he filed a case on her in Raidurgam police station officially and even his lawyer opined that she is liable for 5 years imprisonment for using MC word in public.

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Let’s see whether the police go ahead and arrest this sensational actress. though she publicly apologised Pawan and his mother many filed cases in their respective area police stations.

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