Pawan Kalyan should answer Mahesh Kathi, Pawan fans and Janasena people feel

The current issue in the state is surely between Mahesh Kathi and Pawan Kalyan the Janasena Head. Pawan Kalyan fans are always breathing fire on Kathi Mahesh where Mahesh challenged Kalyan to come for the debate recently. The new interesting challenge is bringing news to media where Pawan Kalyan is not responding to the criticism of Kathi Mahesh ever.

This is a serious concern for Kalyan fans as they are asking Kalyan to give a simple response or atleast leave out a press note on the name of Janasena answering Mahesh Kathi ” This is not fair from Pawan Kalyan as well he should respond and send a simple reply to Mahesh or this guy is going to bring down lot of logics which will surely make a damage to Janasena party and its future ” Said a close source of Janasena.

Kathi Mahesh gave open challenge to Pawan in recent debate that he is ready to compete with Pawan on any topic if he has guts. These irks Pawan Kalyan fans more then anything.

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