Pawan Kalayn fans keen to know Renu Desai’s life partner

As Renu Desai herself posted on her official Facebook and Twitter accounts, the actress cum TV show host got betrothed yesterday and is getting ready to tie the knot very soon. However, she has not revealed her life partner yet.

Renu Desai posted a picture of her online, holding the hand of her new life partner, showing the engagement rings. Many of the fans of Pawan Kalyan reacted with a positive sign and conveyed their best wishes to the couple. However, some were angry with her decision.

But the interesting part is that all of them are showing their excitement to know Renu Desai’s fiance. They are asking the actress to post a picture of him on her official social media accounts so that they would convey their wishes to him as well.

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Despite the messages and requests asking to reveal her life partner’s name and details, Renu Desai has decided to keep it a secret for a while in order to avoid disputes and rumors.

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