Pawan cheated Poonam Kaur, Trivikram and Pawan kalyan did KSHUDRA POOJA, Mahesh Kathi

Why Poonam Kaur tried to attempt suicide when Pawan Kalyan cheated her, Why Poonam took the name of Pawan Kalyan’s Gothram at Tirupathi when she visited Tirumala, Mahesh Kathi questions at Press meet at Somajiguda press club. Trivikram Srinivas and Pawan Kalyan made Kshudra puja’s few weeks earlier, Poonam Kaur was there too. Mahesh Katthi reveals shocking facts.

Pawan Kalyan’s things got revealed from the mouth of Kathi Mahesh. He also said Poonam Kaur’s mother too know lot of things regarding Pawan Kalyan. Kathi shoot 6 questions to Poonam regarding her relation with Pawan. He also took serious comments on Kalyan stating that Trivikram who’s friend of Kalyan is involved in Khsudra Pooja thing.

He also gave questions to Kona Venkat if he is interested he can bring in support through Pawan Kalyan. Mahesh Kathi did not answer all the questions and went off.

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The new version of Mahesh Kathi’s allegations on Poonam and Pawan kalyan gone too viral today. Pawan fans are not happy with what Mahesh Katthi said on Poonam Kaur , Trivikram and Pawan . Mahesh allegedly said that Kalyan and Trivikram made Kshudra Pujalu where in Poonam kaur was also at their presence.

Mahesh warned three of them to be answering these allegations else he will reveal all the proofs out in few days. He did not answer the questions from few reporters and went away. Reporters too asked him logical questions and Mahesh Kathi gave arrogant answers. Mahesh is not putting a full stop to this and looks like his attitude is the problem. Mahesh Kathti is getting lot more warnings after this on social media twitter and Facebook that he has to face lot problems if he reveals the issue between Poonam and Kalyan.

We have already reported he revealed that Poonam Kaur took the name of Pawan Kalyan’s gothram at Tirupathi temple and Poonam kaur is so feared and hates Trivikram Srinivas.

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Kathi Mahesh walks out of MAHAA NEWS when asked about his mother during talk about Poonam Kaur

Mahesh Kathi’s update news shows that he has been roaming in all the news channels from morning. He stopped his saga at Maha news today with a bigger shock. The guy in Maha News named Vivek started asking about Mahesh Kathi’s mother and this took irk for Mahesh and he was seen walking out of the program unconditionally. Fans of Pawan Kalyan praised Vivek that he is the only one who managed to skip out Kathi Mahesh out of the Studio and this never happened ever in any kind of a show.

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