“Oka ammaki abbaki putti unte” Mohan Babu sensational comments on ‘Them’

Mohan Babu’s latest movie Gayathri is the big time disaster in recent times. The reviews and other things too did not go a positive very few people raised their voices positive to this movie wherein the audience have not shown interest to watch the come back of Collection king at all.

Mohan Babu, who has also produced the film besides playing the lead role, has blamed piracy for the film’s box office failure. In the recent press meet in Hyderabad Mohan babu went so serious on piracy websites who are encouraging India’s films piracy and killing all the movies.

Mohan babu stated that there is a lot of work and strain for working on any movie but the piracy is killing it “Oka ammaki abbaki putti unte, Those people will not do such illegal things” stated Mohan Babu seriously.

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