NTR watched Agnyaathavaasi special show, Look at his Reaction!

The film Agnyaathavaasi Starring Pawan Kalyan and Keerthi Suresh in the lead role did not give what Movie lovers have been seeking for, Especially this movie never had any kind of Trivikram mark and they have expected a lot for the considerable hype. From the day one, this movie went into a dilemma and this did not give any kind of result at the box office as well.

Making out more than 70 crores of loss Pawan Kalyan’s new film pushed him into Politics and he even resigned for films totally. Pawan might do his next movie only after 2019 elections and this grand decision was made. Also, Trivikram is focusing on NTR28 currently and is not caring about the previous venture. But none other than NTR is now worried about this movie.

The close sources said NTR instantly reacted negatively to the special show he watched. ” NTR had a special show in his house of Agnyaathavaasi few days back. His reaction to this film is so simple he stopped watching it right in the second half only, He did not find it interesting ” said a close source.

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