Newton the Bollywood film rejected at Oscars 2017

Out of all the 92 films that has got into best competition to win the Best Foreign Language film for OSCAR now the academy has short listed only 9 films in which NEWTON from Indian arena was not seen at the list.

The films that got into place were namely A Fantastic Woman (Chile), In the Fade (Germany), On Body and Soula (Hungary), Foxtrot (Israel), The Insult (Lebanon), Loveless (Russia), Felicite (Senegal), The Wound (South Africa) and The Square (Sweden) Oscar ceremony will be at March 4th every year and the new place to held this is Los Angeles Dolby Theater.

Few films like Mother India, Salaam Bombay and Lagaan are few movies that got into the nerve of Oscar as of now and films like this got rejected at the primary way.

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