Netizens troll Nani for backing Deepthi Sunaina

Right from the telecast of pilot episode, Bigg Boss 2 has been on news for the meme and troll content it provides. Though there were opinions voicing it as not as interesting as the first season, social media is eagerly waiting for each and every episode of the show.

The last episode of Bigg Boss 2 is now talk of the town for natural star Nani’s statements backing Deepthi Sunaina. The actor cum host voiced that internet bullying had turned a common issue these days and some are taking it for granted to troll celebs’ on their personal issues.

Nani went on and said that he roamed around Film Nagar for opportunities when he was 20 years old and Deepthi Sunaina who is 20, is already a social media star. He questioned those who trolled her asking what they were doing in their 20s.

Sri Reddy’s counter to Nani’s wife Anju

Netizens who did not like the statements of Nani started trolling him for questioning the youth. They further started making memes on the young hero for supporting Deepthi Sunaina alleging that she got the opportunity in Bigg Boss only because of the trolls that made her popular on the internet.

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