Nani’s MCA audio vs Akhil’s HELLO Audio which is the best?

The two films Hello and MCA are clashing for this month end while Akkineni and Nani’s fans are show casing this as a bigger film war between Nani and Akhil for sure. Nani has got some interesting audio out long back while Hello audio launch happened days back.

Looks like both songs, trailers, teasers have been under comparison. The audio albums are taken into consideration and one can say Akhil HELLO audio is undermining to MCA for sure.

As per the update, Mca jukebox generated 10.80 lakh views on YouTube while Hello audio got 6.22 lakh views. Hello Audio has lot of melodies while MCA audio is having various kind of songs in it. Hello Audio might be even bigger when watched on screen soon.

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