Nani runs Bigg Boss 2 successfully, TRP ratings revealed

Renowned television show Bigg Boss has been on news right from the day the pilot episode was aired. Controversies on contestants and the host of the second season are increasing day by day.

Coming to the news, there was a doubt among many that how natural star Nani would pull it off hosting the show. Breaking all the doubts, the first episode of Nani got a record breaking TRP of 15.05 which is the second highest in the history of Television. NTR’s launching episode on the first season of Bigg Boss is still in the first place with 16 plus TRP rating.

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Organizers are quite happy with the performance of second season and satisfied with their choice of the host. Bigg Boss 2 is said to have an average TRP of 7.93 in the week days. As there are celebrities about to make cameo appearances from the last week of June, we will have to wait and see how the show carries forward.

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