“Nani is no match to NTR,” says Sanjana

Sanjana Chowdary who entered the second season of Bigg Boss as a common man has been opted out of the show in the first elimination round itself. The actress is now busy giving interviews to the Telugu news channels and is discussing the pros and cons of the contestants and show.

When asked about Nani’s hosting skills, Sanjana stated that she did not like his performance and thought that the young hero had not enough content within himself for the show. She added that she is a fan of young tiger NTR and his performance in the pilot season was another level.

Sanjana quoted that NTR is like an Iphone whereas Nani is no better than a Chinese handset. In reply to her comments, Nani posted a reply on twitter saying that he loves Iphone too. The young hero won the hearts of twitterati with his cool attitude.

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