Nandamuri fans serious warning to Kathi Mahesh!

Not only for Pawan Kalyan fans but also for Balayya and Nandamuri fans Kathi Mahesh has become the primary target now. The critic wrote a lot about the new film Jai Simha starring Nandamuri Balakrishna wherein the producers had some decent promotions but he stated the film is a time waste saga and the story was lifted from the 80s.

This rating of Mahesh Katthi took the irk for Balayya fans and they said if he had any guts he should visit the theatres of Jai Simha and tell the same to the media over there. The movie has got huge expectations considering the Sankranthi season bu the movie did not get any positive talk from Day one.

The few scenes like Brahmi comedy and fights are the only positive but nothing else worked so great for the movie. Story and Screenplay are so negative for the movie

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