Balakrishna to do Narasimha Naidu sequel with Boyapati Sreenu?

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Narasimha Naidu was a sensation at those times where it was a stunning one directed by B Gopal decades back. The story was given by Chinni Krishna at that time with a wonderful dialogue pattern from Paruchuri brothers as well.

Now after almost 16 years now the news is coming up that Narasimha Naidu 2 will be having the chance as Chinni Krishna wrote a second sequel story for this power full drama. He wants this film to be taken by Director Boyapati Sreenu who can now handle Balyya like no other guy did as of now.

Narasimha Naidu 2 script is already bounded with Chinni Krishna which was heard to Balayya and he is ok with it. Though Balayya needs to give his Okay officially Chinni krishna is waiting for Balayya to respond soon as he is busy with Jai Simha under KS Ravi Kumar direction.

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